Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Same old Same old

Yesterday I went in for another round of chemo. And it was just another day. I will be having scans in a week and what ever comes out of those will determine a lot of things. surgery? stay with new chemo or switch back to old? and whether or not I will be able to attend school in the fall.

So until enjoy your summers.

Shots: 95

Pills: 240

Movies: 133

Monday, May 11, 2009


Well today I once again was due for another round of chemo. So as usual I woke up at a quarter to seven took and shower and jumped into the car and my mother and I headed down to childern's hospital.

I took advantage of my VIP status at the hospital and arrived at 7:45 even though my appointment was not until 9:15. So we got right in got "accessed" and sat and waiting for my blood work to process so that I would be able to meet with the doctor and she sould give me the go ahead to have the kimo administered.

So I went in to the doctors room and waiting for the doctor to arrive wishing that it will be my actual doctor, because I have not seen her for a while. The doctor came in and it was not my doctor but oh well better luck next time. I was told that my normal doctor (Dr. Schiff) had had knee surgery so I wish her a speedy recovering and hope everything goes well for her.

So after the doctors appointment I was unfortunately handed a pager and told to go wait in the waiting room they needed the bed space for the other patients. So after waiting for a while the pager went off and it was time to go get me some kimo.

I went and sat next to my buddy Sean and we kimoed together while playing Jenny in a friendly game of blink. Sean and I never beat jenny at this game but we play because we always have the hope that we will.

So Sean finished and left and Jenny shift was done and I was left with my mother so we talked about what to cook for dinner and so we search the internet for Ideas.

Then the beating of the IV pole buzzed and it was time to go home.

So that was another day in the life of David Chalk

Shot: 94

pills: 235

movies: 121

Other randomness that has been going on. I went to three Padre game last week and I got my braces of one week ago today. I think that is all.