Saturday, January 31, 2009

Final Day of Round 5!

So Round five has come to a completion. So things are going good. This was one of the fastest days yet. we got home around 10:45 so that was exciting.

Well I now have completed 5 out of the 12 treatments so after the next one I will be half way done and they will go faster because there will be no break for radiation during the second half.

Right now if everything goes smoothly it looks like I will finish the final round in June.

So I go in next Monday for a another "push" of Vincristine.

Everyone enjoy your weekend and the Super Bowl.

I will be cheering for the Cardinals.

Shots: 45

Pills: 144

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Round 5-Day 4

So Day 4 went very well and smooth. Well arrived very early at the hospital and so the day went by very well and we were out the door by 11:30. Nothing to eventful happened today. 

So things are going well and tomorrow is the last day and then 2 weeks off so that will be a good time to relax and regroup.

Shots: 45

Pills: 142

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Midweek Shower who would have thought!

I need to start of this post with a big THANK YOU to my cancer buddy Sean. While I was away from the hospital going through my radiation treatments. He came up with the genius idea that after wednesdays treatments get the needle out so that you can take a mid week shower.

It is such a simple idea but let me tell you it makes the week go by so much faster, quicker, and feels so go to take a shower. 

So that completes day 3 of Round 5.

So it sounds like something simple to you all but to me. This mid week shower changes everything.

Once again if you have any questions, comments, likes or dislikes, you and email me at, comment on this blog, or facebook me.

Thanks to you all for all your thoughts and prayers

Shots: 44

Pills: 140

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Round 5-Day 2

I am now back into the swing of things. 

Getting up at 6 am to start drinking ridiculous amounts of liquid. Today I had drank so much that about one-third of the way down to the hospital and stuck in traffic my bladder started to tell me, "I AM FULL.....MUST GO PEE" so I start to do a little deep breathing and trying to divert my attention to anything else the fact that I need to pee. So after about 5 minutes and still the traffic was not to much better, I check the back seats to see if there are any empty bottles. I found to small water bottles and told my mother that I could no longer wait and I did not want to ruin her car. 

So I climbed into the back seat covered with a blanket and proceeded to release my bladder from the large amount of urine. This proved to be a lot harder that I had thought but I managed to fill the bottle and no spill it all over the place. 

So then we arrive to the hospital and I of course run right in and go to the cupboard and grab a pee cup take care of business and then go back to the place to check in to grab all the needed paper work.

Anyways the day went very smoothly and I had my own little dance party as I was waiting for my chemo to arrived. I used the plug part that goes into to the wall from my IV pole as a microphone and sang my little heart out. My nurse Brooke then shared some music that she has been listening to lately and I now have one of the songs as a ring tone.

So that was day 2 of round 5 at the hospital.

Shots: 44

Pills: 137

Pints: 4

Monday, January 26, 2009

Round 5-Day 1

Hello after a 6 week break to enjoy the Holidays and begin and complete Radiation treatment it was back to Children's Hospital.

So once again it is back to getting up at 6 in the morning and to begin drinking large amounts of water and gatorade so that my pee is clear enough so that I may be approved by the doctor for chemo. 

So upon arrival my mother dropped me off and I skipped the checking in part because I needed to go pee so bad. I went start to the bed that I always use and put my stuff on in then went into the cupboard and grabbed a urine cup and then took care of my business. 

Today went very smoothly and we got home at about 2 o'clock in the afternoon. So I will go in for the four days and back to the grind of chemo. 

This is round 5 out of 12. So at this point the projected ending is in June.

Shots: 44

pills: 135

Pints of blood: 4

Love ya all and thanks for the prayers of support!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This one is for Mike Park!

so Today I finished my last day of radiation!

I am excited about this day for a few reasons:

1. The Radiation part of my treatment is complete and it is always good to celebrate milestones.

2. After wearing stickers on my chest for six weeks I am very excited to be sticker free. (It is much easier to take a shower now.)

3. I no longer have to drive to La Jolla everyday for the treatments.

But I would be lying if I said there aren't any sad parts to ending treatments.

1. Good bye to very cold handed radiation tech. She would help me line up perfectly for the machine and had the coldest hands ever. (Exactly like Elliot Reed if you have seen that episode.)

2. The wonderful complimentary pastry that I was able to enjoy each morning during the car ride home.

3. Listening to Cliff and company on KSON. my mom loves them.

Well so that is the update. I will start my next round of chemo on Monday. I have 8 more and then I will be good as new.

Once again if you have any questions, comments, likes, dislikes, suggestions feel free to email, facebook, or comment on this blog.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So Today I had my first treatment of Radiation and I have been waiting patiently for it to start for over a month now. I will only have about 10 or so days of radiation and then it is back to the Chemo. So we are moving on and getting closer to being done with all the treatment.

That is all for today!