Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Treatment Round 2

So Yesterday I had my second go around with my new chemo treatment. I tolerate it much better than my old one but I am not sure whether that is a good thing or not. Chemo isn't supposed to be a walk in the park.

So it was good to see my cancer buddy Sean and his mother. We caught up on life and jazz and He also received good news that he is be done with treatment in late July. So I am excited for him and his mother and that they will be able to return to normal life and continue on.

So things are going good and I believe that in two weeks I will be having more scans to see how well the new chemo treatment is doing and then we will re evaluate everything that is going on and make goals to get everything all wrapped up.

Shots: 92

Pills: 225

Movies: 111

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Chemo

So Yesterday I went to the hospital and met with my doctor and she once again explained the new chemo that I would be receiving.

So I received my new chemo and today I am not feeling any different then I had been when I was receiving my other chemos.

I will also no longer have to receive daily shots after each round of chemo which is wonder so my amount of shots will slow down very much.

So since my shots total will not be climbing as much I have decided to count other things along with keeping shots and pills.

Shots: 90

Pills: 220

Movies watched since starting treatment: 109

Baseball games started since: April 5th: 11

Friday, April 3, 2009


So here is an update,

So my father, mother, and I went and talked with the surgeon and it went very well he gave us the pros and cons of surgery and we were there talking to him for a solid half an hour or so. He was very professional and seems like he will do a fantastic job and you can tell that we takes what he does very seriously and really cares about his patients even if he has only just met you.

So that was Tuesday and then Wednesday I went and got another blood transfusion making this my fourth one. But while I was there I talked with my Oncologist and She has talk to the surgeon after we had and the two of them decided to switch to the new chemotherapy first before doing the surgery in hopes that the new chemo will significantly shrink the tumors more and so the surgery will not be as evasive and be more effective overall.

So I will begin the new chemo on the 13th of April and will do that for about two months and then will have another round of test done to see the results and then more than likely will have the surgery done at that point.

That is the schedule as of now but as we know the ride of life it is always subject to change.

Shots: 83

Pills: 212