Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dave Chalk Update

Life for me has been super crazy since last Thursday. I went in for a routine blood check and little did I know, but in the last 6 days I would have had 10 blood/platelet transfusions.

When I went in on Thursday my platelet count was at 0, yes zero. Now when you have no platelets your body has no way to prevent bleeding and make me more prone to random bleeding.

To have a healthy platelet count you should be above 50. I had a long way to go before my (blood) counts would get back to the healthy count. Yesterday was the only day that my platelet count was above 20 (Which is high enough to not need a transfusion). Today they were at 17 so once again I received another transfusion.

To add to the low platelet count, I also have had a VERY VERY low white blood cell count which is why my doctors put me under house arrest, because even a “Bubble Boy” has a better immune system than I do at the moment.

I go in tomorrow and I hope that I will be above 20 so that my body does not need to get poked, because at this point a needle has poked me at least 36 times since Thursday. This combined with low platelets and white blood cells I think a hardcore heroin addict’s elbows look better than my do at this point. (This is true I do not say this just for comedic relief, but that it is funny and true).

Well that is all for now. Just want every to be caught up with my life so we can all be on the same page.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011