Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long Overdue Update!

I have started school and chemo up here in Utah over the past few weeks and my schedule has become much more full then it had been at home in good old Vista.

I had chemo on Monday June 29th and everything went very smoothly. For the treatment room it seemed as though I may be being treated at a women's facility, because I was the only male there (besides the doctor). So once again I do not really fit in with all the other patients but I am sure I will still make some friends up here as I did while I was at the Children's Hospital.

So I am staying busy writing articles for the Daily Universe and you can read them online at http://universe.byu.edu/sports

I write articles about the Orem Owlz and Salt Lake Bees baseball teams. So hopefully that will be a guide.

Well life continues and the sun is finally shining in Utah after the first week and a half of being here it being quite rainy and overcast.

Shots: 103

Pills: 259

Movies: 148 (I feel that is number will more than likely not increase as much do to school, but that is a good thing I think.)

If you have any questions please fire away by either comenting on this blog or emailing me at cansirboi1986@gmail.com

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So This week has been quite eventful.

Tuesday: I go and get the results of my scans and everything continues to improve and I will be sticking with the same chemo schedule of once a day every other week. So with this in mind I made the executive decision that with this schedule that I would be capable of returning back to school.

Wednesday: With my car packed with all of my belongings I drive to Provo, Utah so that I may start the summer term of school starting June 22nd. I also got stuck behind a crazy accident that had me sitting at a stand still for about 4 hours. I watched Mulan and Angels in the Outfield.

Thursday: Moved into my apartment that I will be living in until end of August or so.

It was a very eventful few days and surgery is scheduled for December.

Shots: 97

Pills: 250

Movies: 146