Thursday, June 11, 2009


So This week has been quite eventful.

Tuesday: I go and get the results of my scans and everything continues to improve and I will be sticking with the same chemo schedule of once a day every other week. So with this in mind I made the executive decision that with this schedule that I would be capable of returning back to school.

Wednesday: With my car packed with all of my belongings I drive to Provo, Utah so that I may start the summer term of school starting June 22nd. I also got stuck behind a crazy accident that had me sitting at a stand still for about 4 hours. I watched Mulan and Angels in the Outfield.

Thursday: Moved into my apartment that I will be living in until end of August or so.

It was a very eventful few days and surgery is scheduled for December.

Shots: 97

Pills: 250

Movies: 146


Mrs.EBG said...

How exciting to get to go back to BYU, I'm sure you are happy to be getting back! I've really enjoyed reading your blog (though I don't comment, sorry!) and seeing your amazing faith. You are such a great example to me. Good luck with everything!

Courtney said...

So are you in Provo now?!

cheryl said...

dave; that is awesome that you are back up here. we would love to get together with you and the anderson's-let's plan something!