Friday, November 21, 2008

Final Day--Round 3

So Today was the final day of round three. I was excited for that along with the fact that I was able to take a shower again. I love showers oh so much and not showering since monday was really wearing on me.

Also I received the result from my scan and the chemo is helping and the cancer in my lungs has shrunk. Surgery is still a possibility but my doctors are going to wait till after we get back from Oregon to talk more on that subject.

I would like to thank all my readers for their thoughts and prayers of support.

I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and will not put up another post until Dec 3rd.

Love you all

Have fun and enjoy the Holiday away from school work and enjoy just the play

Shots: 27

pills: 87

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 4--Round 3

So today when My mother and I were driving to the hospital we were preparing ourselves for a very very long day. The day included chemo and a CT Scan. The scan was at 10:00 so we thought that I would stop chemo after that getting us home around 4 o'clock. so we had brought more stuff than normal to keep us busy with the day. I brought the two movies Man from Snowy River and Get Smart.

So we arrived at the hospital a little after 8 o'clock and check in and filled up my urine cup so that it could get processed so my chemo could be ordered. I was then given an IV in my arm so that they could inject the contrast liquid stuff during the Scan. The Contrast liquid stuff is ionic stuff and lights up my veins and organs so it is easy for them to see what is going on in my body. They first take the scan without the contrast and then repeat the same scan with the liquid.

Also they gave me the IV in the arm because for some reason they do not like to use the port that is in my chest. I have no idea why but thats what they said and I don't ask a whole bunch of questions. Now the time is about 8:45 and my scan is not until 10:00 so that is a lot of waiting time. So instead of waiting in the out patient cancer clinic I decided to go check in early at the Radiology center so that if there was a no show or if they could fit me in earlier I would be there to make it happen.

I checked in at 9:00 and sat and waited I watched on the TV in the lounge how to count to 5...speak a little Spanish....learned that being a good sport is better than winning...THANKS DISNEY CHANNEL.

So at 9:30 they called my name...I was so happy....I went in to the big room where the Cat Scan is and they tried to hook the IV up in my arm to the contrast machine but there wasn't any flowage. So they decided that they needed to put another IV in my left arm. So there I was lying on a table of the CAT scan with IV's hanging out of both arms and my chest I felt like I was the beginning of some sort of experiment maybe something similar to what Frankenstein went through.

After the Scan I returned to the Outpatient clinic and 10 o'clock where my chemo was waiting for me and they hooked me write up and had me out of there by noon.

Overall it was a great day at the hospital and this week has gone by fast because of the wonderful company of Sean and his mother who are at the bed right next to us. We chat with them about just about everything and we all have matching apple laptops.

So tomorrow is the last day of Round 3 which will be followed by a glorious long warm shower. After the shower my family and I will catch a plane to Portland Oregon for Turkey Day.

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Pills: 93

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 3--Round 3

So to be honest this morning I felt like Crap plain and simple. When I arrived to the hospital I first took care of my pee cup and then a few minutes later went and threw up and little in the bathroom to my dismay my upset stomach did not go away. Nurse Brooke brought my chemo shortly thereafter and she gave me my anti nausea medication but I was worried that since i already had a upset stomach that something crazy might go down when they start the chemo.

As Brooke as hooking me up to the chemo we talked about our favorite hot sauces. Mine of course is Chalula it is the hispanic hot sauce with the wooden top. Her favorite was Franks hot sauce. So It is so weird the random conversations that come up while you are at the hospital.

Well I survived the day and have two more days of round 3. But along with chemo tomorrow I will being having a scan on my chest to see how well the chemo is eliminating the cancer in my lungs. So we will fin out the results either late Thursday or Early Friday and will post the results as soon as I have a chance.

Pills : 90

shots: 85

Well thanks for everyone support. Love You ALL

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day 2--Round 3

So yesterday we ended up getting home from the hospital at 4:30. That has been the longest day so far. When I got home I was really tired and decided to take a nap. I went to sleep at around 4:30 and slept all night until 6:00 o'clock this morning.  I slept for roughly 13 and a half hours. I was very surprised when I woke up this morning. So You could say I am well rested.

Today we made our appointment just as early as we could to see if that would speed up the whole process. Our appointment was at 8 in the morning instead of 9:30 or so like we usually do. It turned out to be an amazing idea. When we arrived I was the only one in a bed in the whole room. After I had passed my pee test and was just sitting on my bed messing around on my lab top. I left to use the restroom and when I returned there were 2 nurses with my chemo. I looked at one of them and said "are you for realz?" I was so surprised at how fast the chemo had come.  We started the chemo and we were out of there and home by noon. So we are going to the early morning appointments from now on so that we can still have the day to do things.

shots: 24

pills: 85

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 1--Round 3

So Today has been quite the day. First off I got home late from a friends host at the wee hours of the morning so when my mother woke me up a 7:00 I was very very tired. So after I shrug off the sleeps and come to my senses it is once again time to hydrate so that my pee can pass the Urine analysis with flying colors. So I reached into my niffty new cooler given to me titled David's Hydration Station full of water bottles, vitamin water, powerade, and other exciting drinks to help side me in my quest for clear pee.

After drinking some fluids I went upstairs to take my final shower of the week. It was a splendid 20 minute production with I believe will be on Broadway starting October 2009. (He are just trying to find the best actor to play me)

So After the shower I drank more liquids and once we were half way to the hospital I was more than ready to use the restroom. When we finally arrived to the hospital I bypassed the check in place and went straight to the procedure room to find me a cup to release the press.

After I filled the cup with crystal clear urine I went to the check in place and got all the paper work to start the rest of the hospital activities.

We arrived here today at 9:40 and they just started my chemo at 1:30 so it will take an hour and a half to complete then we can go home, eat some food, and enjoy the rest of the day.

Thanks again for all you comments, thoughts, and prayers!!!!

and once again if you have nay questions feel free to comment or email me at

Happy Monday!!

shots: 24

pills: 79

Monday, November 10, 2008

Could I have one more "Drag" please

So Today I went to the hospital to get another "push" of the oh so wonderful Chemo. It was a Monday and my mom and I were prepared to spend another 4 or so hours as we waited for the Hospital to process my blood and have it checked by a doctor so that they could then alert the Pharmacy to make the chemo.

My mother last night was looking all around to find her earphones so that she could watch a movie while she was waiting because last time she ran out of things to do and became quite antsy. And as I was rushing out the door this morning I forget my headphones.

As we arrived to the hospital we waited a little longer than usual for a bed in the Procedure Room so that my port could be accessed so they could draw my blood and then give my chemo through it. So I was preparing for a long day. My name was finally called and I was given a bed. As I walked into the procedure room I saw Sean and his mother there. I had not seen them for a few weeks or so. It was good to talk and catch up with them.

After I was accessed they drew my blood and then I was given a pager and of my mother and I went to wait until the pager went off. Last week we waited and waited and didn't get home until about 2:30 or 3:00. So when the pager went off today at 11:30 we were way surprised and excited.

Today was a good day!

I was asked by a reader names Aimee how long my breaks are in between rounds.

I have a 5 consecutive day treatment every third week and then during those two weeks in the middle I go in both Mondays to get a hit. So the longest break I have is days and those are great 6 days.

Well I would like to thank everyone for comments, words of encouragement, and prayer. You never can have to many.

Also my white blood cell count was sooooo high that I don't need to continue the daily shots. This makes me happy for two reasons. One I don't get as many needle pokes and second because it means that my body is rebounding and staying healthy so that no chemo treatments will be delayed so that I can return to my normal life as soon as possible.

Shot count: 22

Pill Count: 57

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just Another "Hit" of Chemo

So Today I had blood work done and got another shot of chemo. I was surprised again by how long it takes to analyze blood and then make a shot of chemo. It took 4 hours to do that. Now I understand that I am not the only one at the hospital and that I should be the first one served. But it seems to me that testing blood and making a shot of chemo takes longer than when I get my pee analyzed and get an hour hydration followed by an hour and a half of chemo. I was just surprised that both of them take the same amount of time.

Also today the nurse that worked on me had a shadow nursing student. His name was Marco and he asked me a whole bunch a questions about my treatment to how much the needle poke hurts in the chest. So I was more than happy to answer his questions because I knew every other patient that he would meet would be the average age of 9. So I am glad I could help him out a little bit.

So that was it for today and I now have a week off from chemo!

Shots: 16

Pills: 51

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Final Day of Round 2!

Well, today was day 5 of my second round of chemo. It was good to know that after today I will only have 10 rounds of the 5 days left. It was also fun and interesting to be able to go to the hospital and see the nurses all dressed up for Halloween. Some of the nurses went all out and had quite the get ups. Brooke who has very curly hair puffed out her hair and and dressed like a rock star and had a toy guitar on a neck strap hanging around her neck. She was one of the most dressed up nurses. A lot of the nurses just wore a sports jersey with a corresponding team hat and thought that it counted as something. My favorite was two nurses who dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from good old Cat and the Hat. Thing 1 happened to be a nurse named Sam. She is my favorite nurse of all time. She covered me a lot the first time that I had to got through the 12 treatments of chemo. So it was good to see her again and catch up on life and such.

So as I entered the room all the nurses asked what I was supposed to be. I didn't dress up so I just told them that I was the beginning of a Chia pet, you know one that has started to sprout yet. It got me a few laughs and then I went and found my bed and claimed my territory.

Also today my pee was exceptional white. It really looked like I had just put the little cup under the water fountain and filled it with water. It had absolutely no tint of yellow in it. I was quite proud of myself and got a few compliments from the nurses. Yes, I do know how to hydrate.

Also the best part of the day was getting de-accessed (getting the needle removed from the port-a-cath that had been in my chest all week and being able to come home and take a warm shower. I do not stink as bad anymore. The sink showers only do so well and last so long. I was well due.

So after an amazing shower I just relaxed and enjoyed some pizza from my favorite pizza place and enjoyed the evening with family and friends. Oh yeah, and I beat my dad on Wii golf (he hasn't beat me yet)

So, another week of chemo is in the books and I am ready to enjoy the weekend chemo free and a BYU football game. Go COUGARS!!!

Shots: 14

Pills: 49