Monday, November 17, 2008

Day 1--Round 3

So Today has been quite the day. First off I got home late from a friends host at the wee hours of the morning so when my mother woke me up a 7:00 I was very very tired. So after I shrug off the sleeps and come to my senses it is once again time to hydrate so that my pee can pass the Urine analysis with flying colors. So I reached into my niffty new cooler given to me titled David's Hydration Station full of water bottles, vitamin water, powerade, and other exciting drinks to help side me in my quest for clear pee.

After drinking some fluids I went upstairs to take my final shower of the week. It was a splendid 20 minute production with I believe will be on Broadway starting October 2009. (He are just trying to find the best actor to play me)

So After the shower I drank more liquids and once we were half way to the hospital I was more than ready to use the restroom. When we finally arrived to the hospital I bypassed the check in place and went straight to the procedure room to find me a cup to release the press.

After I filled the cup with crystal clear urine I went to the check in place and got all the paper work to start the rest of the hospital activities.

We arrived here today at 9:40 and they just started my chemo at 1:30 so it will take an hour and a half to complete then we can go home, eat some food, and enjoy the rest of the day.

Thanks again for all you comments, thoughts, and prayers!!!!

and once again if you have nay questions feel free to comment or email me at

Happy Monday!!

shots: 24

pills: 79


Gin said...

i'm thinking brad pitt or james macavoy...or that blonde guy who is in divine comedy here at BYU

Anonymous said...

With all that drinking, you may want to invest and get some Depends (just in case). I hope you don’t have nausea from the chemo and can enjoy the food and drink. You should try some Dr. Pepper (it’s one of my favorites).