Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Day 3--Round 3

So to be honest this morning I felt like Crap plain and simple. When I arrived to the hospital I first took care of my pee cup and then a few minutes later went and threw up and little in the bathroom to my dismay my upset stomach did not go away. Nurse Brooke brought my chemo shortly thereafter and she gave me my anti nausea medication but I was worried that since i already had a upset stomach that something crazy might go down when they start the chemo.

As Brooke as hooking me up to the chemo we talked about our favorite hot sauces. Mine of course is Chalula it is the hispanic hot sauce with the wooden top. Her favorite was Franks hot sauce. So It is so weird the random conversations that come up while you are at the hospital.

Well I survived the day and have two more days of round 3. But along with chemo tomorrow I will being having a scan on my chest to see how well the chemo is eliminating the cancer in my lungs. So we will fin out the results either late Thursday or Early Friday and will post the results as soon as I have a chance.

Pills : 90

shots: 85

Well thanks for everyone support. Love You ALL


Elise said...

smart boy - cholula is THE BEST hot sauce. ever.

Gin said...

i'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. my dad basically drink's franks by the bottle and i don't even go anywhere near the idea of hot sauce.
i cried the first time i ate cafe rio because the dressing on the salad was too spicy (I went back and loved it, i just get the salad without the dressing)

Anonymous said...

Dave, you inspire me. Your attitude through your difficult times shows a strong faith. I know blessings are in store for you (after all, look at the many who pray for you).

Anonymous said...

BTW, we need some pics with your posts. Where are they?