Saturday, November 1, 2008

Final Day of Round 2!

Well, today was day 5 of my second round of chemo. It was good to know that after today I will only have 10 rounds of the 5 days left. It was also fun and interesting to be able to go to the hospital and see the nurses all dressed up for Halloween. Some of the nurses went all out and had quite the get ups. Brooke who has very curly hair puffed out her hair and and dressed like a rock star and had a toy guitar on a neck strap hanging around her neck. She was one of the most dressed up nurses. A lot of the nurses just wore a sports jersey with a corresponding team hat and thought that it counted as something. My favorite was two nurses who dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from good old Cat and the Hat. Thing 1 happened to be a nurse named Sam. She is my favorite nurse of all time. She covered me a lot the first time that I had to got through the 12 treatments of chemo. So it was good to see her again and catch up on life and such.

So as I entered the room all the nurses asked what I was supposed to be. I didn't dress up so I just told them that I was the beginning of a Chia pet, you know one that has started to sprout yet. It got me a few laughs and then I went and found my bed and claimed my territory.

Also today my pee was exceptional white. It really looked like I had just put the little cup under the water fountain and filled it with water. It had absolutely no tint of yellow in it. I was quite proud of myself and got a few compliments from the nurses. Yes, I do know how to hydrate.

Also the best part of the day was getting de-accessed (getting the needle removed from the port-a-cath that had been in my chest all week and being able to come home and take a warm shower. I do not stink as bad anymore. The sink showers only do so well and last so long. I was well due.

So after an amazing shower I just relaxed and enjoyed some pizza from my favorite pizza place and enjoyed the evening with family and friends. Oh yeah, and I beat my dad on Wii golf (he hasn't beat me yet)

So, another week of chemo is in the books and I am ready to enjoy the weekend chemo free and a BYU football game. Go COUGARS!!!

Shots: 14

Pills: 49


michele said...

Lovin' the updates, thanks!
the Fam drove up to Palomar this weekend and reminisced about scouts and all the crazy things you boys did. Dakota admitted that more than a few times there was near anarchy, cliffhangers and wild rides. Good times...hehe.

Anonymous said...

What is it with the different colors of pee? I ate a brownie once and then my pee turned blue.