Thursday, October 30, 2008

Round 2 Day 4

Today as we drove to the hospital my stomach wasn't feeling very well so I just put my chair back a little bit and tried to relax and focus my mind on something besides my stomach. My stomach felt uneasy the whole way to hospital. My mom dropped me off at the door as usually so as she is parking I can go sign in so things get started quicker. But to today as I got out of the car I grabbed my backpack and blanket and then took a few steps on the grass and Kablooomy. I had just thrown up all over the grass. I turned back waved to my mother..smiled..and then walked into the hospital to sign in for my chemo.

Today I was able to go to the Procedure Room where I am known by all the nurses and I didn't have to go to the Infusion Room where I know not really anyone. So I got my favorite nurse so I was a happy camper. The nurses name is Brooke and she has a good sense of humor and at one point in the day we were singing New Kids on the Block "Step by Step" so we were having fun passing the time as I was pre-hydrating and chemoing.

So Day four was exciting and full of fun. And Brooke told me that my pee passed with flying colors and it usually does.

Shots: 14

Pills: 47

Only one day until I can take a shower. YEAH!!!!!

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MVP said...

The other day in church, I felt a huge spout of queesy-ness in my stomach (just like you!) and so I gave my hymn book to Lauren, and ran out during the sacrament hymn. I had to physically run/jog to the ladies room, just so i could throw up in the toilet for 5 min straight. it was gross. needless to say i didn't take the sacrament, nor stay for church. ... i liked your blog post and how you said you just waved at your mom and smiled. hahaha you be awesome yo!