Monday, October 13, 2008

Just a "Push" of Chemo

Today was another day for chemo. I went to children to receive my vincristine "push". Now I wasn't quite sure what that meant. So I woke up at 7:00 am to start drink my mass amount of liquids so that I would pass my pee test. When I arrived to the hospital I was told by the nurse that so U.A. (Urine Analysis) was needed for this chemo. So I had drank my usual 91.1 ounces of liquid for the mere benefit of being well hydrated if nothing else.

They started of with accessing my port-a-cath. Which means that they stuck a needle with a tube attached into my port so that they could draw blood and give me my "push" of chemo. To explain what a "push" of chemo is the hospital's terminology for a small amount. Kinda like drug addicts take a "hit" of drugs or a baker uses just a "pinch" of salt while making the recipe. A "push" of chemo is basically just a syringe used for a regular shot filled with chemo. This shot of chemo also does not induce nausea so my fasting all morning was also not needed.

Well today I also started my GCSF shots. This is where I will have a shot every day for ten days to help boost my immune system, focusing on producing white blood cells, since the chemo wipes out the good and the bad cells in my body. So a homecare nurse named Terri came and administered my first shot. The shots will be given in my legs or arms. She will come again tomorrow and teach my mother how to give the shots and after tomorrow my mother will give me all my shots that I will receive outside of the hospital.

So no more chemo or visits to the hospital until next Monday when I will receive another "push" of chemo. Then the following Monday, October 27th, I will start another round of the five days straight chemo.

Pill Count: 21

Shot Count: 4

Thanks again for all the prayers that have been said in my behalf. I am thank for the support of so many family and friends.

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Tory Whitlock said...

Are you only doing chemo treatments or are they going to do surgery as well?