Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Round 2 Day 3

Today was another fun day of chemo at the hospital. I am usually sent to the Procedure Room to have my pee tested and get pre-hydrated before I get my chemo. I have gotten to know the nurses that work in that room very well. But today I was sent to the Infusion Room. There is a whole different group of nurses. So I don't have my routine down with them as I do with the nurses in the procedure room. I wasn't that excited about this because you get into a groove with the nurses they what you need and everything goes my smoother. So today I helped the nurses out by telling what I need..such as that I need my pee cup right away because of how much I drink, and I need to pre-hydrate for an hour before I have chemo. I told them this right away so I wouldn't have to wait any longer than necessary. So today I met a lot of new nurses.

It wasn't all bad because there were two attractive nurses but they both had wedding rings on.

So today the chemo went very smoothly and very quick. I have received a question regarding the radiation process in my last post.

Michelle asked,

Will they run the chemo at the same time as your radiation? And how do they determine that radiation is necessary?

They may or may not run the chemo during the radiation but if they do it will be at a significantly lower dose because the combination of the two can be too harsh and really do some damage to my lungs. Radiation therapy almost always goes along with chemo. I had radiation last time on my leg. Radiation just targets the tumors directly and if everything goes well totally eliminate the cancer.

Thanks again for everyones prayers of support and for the emails and wall posts to check up on me. I really appreciate them. Thank You.

Shots: 14

Pills: 43

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Gin said...

thanks for talking about your pee again. it gives me a sense of comfort