Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chemo Round 1, Day 2

First update is that I held down my cheese quesadilla that I had for dinner last night for dinner. I also got the craving for some fruity pebbles so my dad drove to the store for me and bought me a box and milk and had one bowl for a snack before I went to bed. As a matter of fact I have not thrown up at all yet. So I am pretty excited about that because throwing up is probably my least favorite thing to do in life.

After my snack I took a sink shower and change my clothes because I was starting to not smell very good.

Then I watched a very interesting independent film called "King of California" it was a very interesting movie about a 16 years daughter dealing with her mentally ill father and his hunt for a foreign treasure that is in the Costco. It was a funny flix and I would give it a 6.5 on a scale from one to ten.

After getting 2 mL of morphine I was off for another night of sleep. To my surprise I actually feel asleep and had a pretty much slept through the night except for when the nurse comes and wakes me to check my vitals (blood pressure and temperature).

More good news is that the doctor told me the results of the MRI on my brain and right thigh (which is where the tumor was the first time I had cancer). She told us that all the test were negative which means that besides my lungs my body is cancer free!!!! So that is very good news for me.

Well My friend Mary had asked a few questions so I will answer them for her.

What stage is your cancer in?

I am not exactly sure what stage it is in but it is isolated in my lungs and has not spread to any part of my body and it has not reappeared to where it was before. So I would say it is in the very early stages and it is very treatable.

What are your thoughts, emotions, feelings? Are you afraid?

My thoughts and feelings are that this is something that my Heavenly Father feels is important for me to experience while I am here on earth. I learned a lot about myself and the importance of the small things during my first go around with Cancer, but obviously I didnt learn it all so I am just enjoying my time and looking for opportunities to learn and help life the spirits of those around me.

Last Question: She also asked if I get tired Physically and Mentally?

I do get quite fatigued during each chemo session and during the session I choose not to eat because I would only throw it back up. I learned this trick from my first fight with cancer. Mentally I feel that I am doing fine except for the times when I have so much drugs in me that I am on cloud nine and not really all there. But most of the time I am fine mentally.

Thanks for everyone who has left comments I love reading and they brighten up my day. Also if anyone else has questions feel free to write me an email at or you can write on my wall on facebook.

Well thanks for all your prayers they really are making a difference I can tell.

And a quote my buddy from Peoria sent me from this years general conference

"Come What May and Love It"
- Elder Wirthlin

Pills taken since monday: 5


Becky said...

Miss's friend, Becky, here. I hope all is going ok for you. As you can imagine, we have been kept well informed by your awesome sister. We hope the treatments go as planned. Good luck.
Ask Miss about our good friend Colette. She's done the cancer bit twice as well. You both inspire me to be better.

Brooke said...

Dave! I have been reading your blog and I am just so impressed by your positive outlook on life! You are an inspiration and example to me! We miss you are in my prayers for sure!
Brooke Bradley

Jenn Kempf said...

Hey there Dave-id!!! We really miss you here!!! Since I never see your sis it's nice to have the blog to keep up on your progress. I was happy to hear the cancer is only in the lungs...And I admire you for finding the good in all of this. I think about you often and hope you know my prayers are with you. Stay strong.


MVP said...

Haha you're updating us on the pills taken! that's impressive..only 5 hahah. You're a wonderful lad! Thanks a bunch for answering my questions. You brought a HUGE smile to my face. You ROCK Mr. Chalk! K - so when you're back in P-Town I propose we have a HUGE sidewalk-chalk party!!! I have a bunch of supplies just waiting for you! Rock on!

PS today I have to go to class from 8 am to 4 pm, it is very exhausting. Yet, you know what, even when my head feels a bit dizzy, I am just thinking: I CAN DO THIS and WITH THE BEST ATTITUDE EVER! ...because in a way, I feel like it's in honor of you and what you're going through...and in a way, I feel like I'm doing it for you (as well as for me) cause being able to go to school is awesome. You're such an inspiration!

God bless you my dear friend!

Danna said...

Hey Dave, When I left Vista you were just a silly little kid who seemed to ether be playing baseball or trying to sneek up on Mel and I! Now your a silly bed blogger, oh how times have changed!! :) You are in my thoughts and prayers, say hi to your parents for me!

Courtney said...

I love your blog. You are on my frequently clicked list on my blog. You're a pretty good writer... Tell me, have you ever thought about becoming a journalist? :)