Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good News!

We received the results from the bone marrow aspiration and bone scan and everything looks good. It looks like the cancer is isolated in my lungs and has not spread to any part of the body.

Also good news for today I ate a cheese quesadilla which besides a few bags of pretzels was my first meal since 8:00 p.m. Sunday night where I had made amazing enchiladas. So far my stomach is handling the food well and lets hope it doesn't come back. I don't think it would taste as good the second time.

So I will be spending the night at the hospital again and receive the same three chemos tomorrow then if I am feeling up to it I think they might let me good home.

Thank you again everyone for you thoughts and prayers! They really mean a lot to me!


Ryan & Natalie said...

I am glad that they caught this early and can get it under control before it goes any further. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Moghimi Family said...

Holy cow! I am glad you e-mailed us your blog. We didn't know you are working to beat cancer. We are praying for you.

You know, it's too bad you don't have any weight to loose. It sounds like 'the pretzel diet' would be a really effective way to do it! I hope your dinner stays down. Have a good night and get some rest!!!!

Jeff Beck said...

Dave, Steve just told me about this blog. We've wondered how to find out more about how things are going. Hang in there, and know that our prayers are with you.
Uncle Jeff & family

Kristin said...

Don't know if you remember me at all but we were in the 5th ward together a LONG time ago when your dad was bishop. Do you remember the Fuller's? You will be in my prayers.

Sonja said...


That is wonderful news! We love your positive attitude! I wonder if some nutter bars and DP would taste good. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Love ya-
Sonja and family

MVP said...

Hooray!!!! That brings such happiness to me today that it hasn't spread!! I've been thinking about you (which translates into a high dose of constant prayers) all day...campus is boring without your bouncing-around-air-guitar dancing! good job with the blogging and the fantastically awesome attitude yo!