Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tuesday Oct. 7th

So after a not so nice sleep in the hospital bed I gave up trying to sleep and woke up at about 7:00 a.m.After I woke the day nurse came in to give me the breakdown of what the day had for me. She first gave me more morphine because my chest was still bothering me.

Though she laid out the day with starting pumping and pumping TONS of fluids into my system so that my pee was healthy enough before he could start the three chemos I would be getting today. And of course we all know how awesome I am, my pee passed on the first try..Which my Nurse Sam was very astonished because usually it takes 2 or 3 times before pee passes the test.

Then at 11:30 I was given my three anti nausea drugs which are Zofran, Adovan, and

After letting the drugs sit in for 30 minutes time came for the first round of Chemo. The Chemo for this round are CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE or (Cytoxan). This was administered to me through the IV on the port in my chest. The second Chemo was Vinciristine and the third is Topotecan.

All of this chemo was pumped into my body over a hour and a half. I now feel much better but am debating whether or not I should try to eat becuase a side effect of all the Chemos is Nausea.

So one day of Chemo is done and they will repeat this same process for the next 4 days making it 5 total days of chemo. I will than be allowed to go home and enjoy the comforts of my bed ad home cooking.

So there will be a total of 10 rounds at least and they will all be about three weeks apart from each other. Also they want to add radiation and surgery so a guesstimated length of total treatment is 10 months to one year.

I have moved back home to San Diego to work with the doctors who helped me through my first round of cancer treatment.

Many have asked what kinda of cancer I have.

I have a bone cancer called Ewings Sarcoma. The first time I was diagnosed they found a tumor the size of a golf ball in my right thigh. And I went in for my annual check ups during the past few weeks and they saw something suspicious in my lungs. So after a PET Scan (a scan that scans everything in your body) they saw that there were for sure lumps of something in both lungs and a cluster of them at the bottom of the left lung. So they signed me up to have surgery on OCT 1st so that they could go into my lungs get some of the stuff out to biopsy and see what it really is.

The next day the phone rings and it is my Doctor Dr. Schiff. She tells us that it is in fact Ewings sarcoma and that we will need to start chemo immediately. So thats how I got from normal kid to now sitting on a bed blogging. It is life and it will be fun.


MVP said...

David Chalk, you are a trooper! I am so astonished at how quickly your life has just changed. Thank you for writing about it. You are so real- so honest- so brave. If you need a scribe at any point during this process just give me a shout (oh the phone) and I will type up whatever you need. Until I get that phone call, I will be praying EVERYDAY for you, and SEVERAL times a day! And of course, i'll be reading your blog...cause you rock!

Anonymous said...
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Unas Tontarias said...

I'm so sorry for all you have gone through and like the previous comment-er I'm grateful for your frankness and courage. My brother is a cancer survivor at 18 though thankfully after 6 rounds of chemo and surgery, his was a rare type of cancer that they say can actually be considered cured...lucky him, I know.
I look forward to reading your posts-the world needs people like you - other cancer patients need people like you that are willing to be honest and courageous. Thank you