Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Round 2 Day 2

Well today we arrived at the hospital at 9:40 and they were much quicker today. They started my pre-hydration right away and then my chemo came right on time and I was done and out of the hospital at one oclock which was at least 2 hours quicker than yesterday. So I was very excited about that.

We also met with the doctor today and just talked about how everything is going and how I am feeling and responding to the chemo. It was a quick meeting we also got permission to get CBC (Blood work) at a hospital by my house. This allows me to not have to drive 45 minutes to children's hospital when all they need is blood work. I can just drive to the hospital that is like 5 minutes from my house. So that will cut down a lot of time traveling.

After my chemo today my mom and I drove over to the Radiation Oncology to have a consultation to start my radiation therapy. His name was Dr. Murphy he was a way awesome and personable doctor. He explained to us all that will go on with the radiation. It will be targeted to my lungs at a low dose. I will go in daily for about 2 or 3 weeks.

So I will go in next week and have a scan at their offices so that they will have it for their records and he will look at everything and talk to my cancer doctor and they will decide on when to start the radiation treatment.

Today I feel a lot better than I did yesterday. Yesterday I was very tired. I just felt completely wiped out. Today I feel pretty normal so today is a lot better than yesterday was.

Thanks again for everyones prayers and thoughts. They are all very important.

Once again if you have any questions you can comment on my blog or email me at cansirboi1986@gmail.com

shots: 14

pills: 38


Gin said...

you are basically incredibly amazing in my estimation.
i'm glad the chemo today was not too bad. my guess is that your attitude helps out a lot.
it's a little strange reading your blog this week because you don't talk about your pee as much...
-ginger budd

Michelle said...

Will they run the chemo at the same time as your radiation? And how do they determine that radiation is necessary? I'm reading that the radiation itself is painless but I have to wonder that it's got to feel weird having your insides all jingled up.

Keep up the good spirit, that's the best medicine!