Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Round 2 Day 1

Well today I started my second round of the 5 days of chemo. I will be having chemo for the next 5 days. Which means the shower I took this morning will be my last until Friday. Friday is when they will take out the needle that is hook in to the port-a-cath in my chest.

So today was probably the slowest day yet at the hospital. We arrived at about 9:40 and was there until 2:30. There was a lot of waiting around I guess the hospital was more busy than usual. So I caught up on all my internet reading. So the chemo and the medicine really wiped me out and I took and long nap for the rest of the day. I woke up in time for the world series to be stopped by a rain delay. Stupid Rain.

So I will have more to write about tomorrow for day 2. Hot Nurse #2 talked to me while I was at the hospital it was the highlight of the day.

Thanks again for all your prayers.

Needle pokes: 14

pills: 36

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Lockeblog said...

Slow days at the hospital? Can't say I've ever really had a slow day at a hospital. I've waited for hours but usually it's an anti-slow day for them and just a really lame one for me. At least you weren't at the DMV! I am a traitor... I got a Utah driver's license because they wouldn't give me another California one... sniff... lame...