Monday, October 20, 2008

Another "Push" of Chemo

So today I went to Children's Hospital to receive another "hit" of chemo. Though it is just a shot sized of chemo, we were at the hospital from 9:25 until 12:30. It took forever today for them to make my chemo. But time went by, because I read just about every article on,,,, and So I am well caught up with my sports facts and perhaps know to much than I need to. I also surfed the shop on (baseball), and (football) for my Christmas list. I am a die hard sports fan just in case you didn't know. I wore my Denver Broncos football jersey today because the Broncos are playing tonight on Monday Night Football. That is how much I love and support the teams I love.

And just to let everyone who hasn't seen me since I started chemo I still have all my hair (at least the little bit I do have), and it doesn't seem to be falling out like last time, but time will tell.

So I was asked another question

Katie asked a question in response to one of my responses to a question in my last post.

I said, You said that they will continue with chemo if it seems to work and if not they'll remove part or all of the cancer. she asked, Why wouldn't they just do the surgery then?

They want to see how my body responds to the chemo first, and if the chemo is working well and there is significant reduction of the cancer then the surgery won't be necessary. They like to avoid surgery on the lungs because of how important they are to our body. When you have surgery on your lungs you could faces complications of a collapsed lung, infection in the lungs (which is never good). So that is why we won't do the surgery if the chemo is doing very well against the cancer.

Shot Total: 10

Pill Total: 29

Thanks again to everyone who is praying for me. I know every prayer will make a difference.


Sarah and Wes said...

Hey Dave! Wes (Brother Jones?) and I are thinking about you and praying for you too. You rock!

michele said...

Greetings David!
So you are back for seconds, huh?

Orion and I are sending you only Good Karma...Oooomm. As soon as you are back up at your house, Orion wants to eat donuts with you. hehe
Hope you can get some rest soon.
You're always included in my prayers (cuz you're such a cool guy).
Love you! Sis. Lenz

eliza said...

maybe you could update me on the latest in sports, but simplified verision ;)

haha any big scandals? steroids? fights? ref mistakes?

oh and who do you want to win? rays or phillies?

i was also wondering ... have you danced while listening to your ipod recently? i hope so, i always liked that about you :) :)

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