Thursday, October 16, 2008

Answers to Questions!

First off I am enjoying a week free from chemo and hospital visits and a life as normal as it can get at this stage in my life. The nurse came back and taught my mother how to give me shots. Yesterday was the first day my mother gave me a shot without the presence of the nurse and to tell the truth it has been the least painless shot of GCSF (Immune system builder) that I have had so far. So GO MOM!

Today I wanted to just answer some questions that I have been asked by readers:

Tory asked, Are you only doing chemo treatments or are they going to do surgery as well?

So the game plan as of right now is that I will have one more round of the 5 Day treatment and then I will have all my scans again (MRI, CT Scan, bone scan, Ect.) to determine the result that the chemo is having on the cancer in my lungs. My understanding from my doctor is if the cancer is responding well then we will skip surgery and continue chemo, and if the cancer has not shrunken at all then I will have surgery to remove some if not all of the cancer. So that is the game plan with surgery right now!

Michelle asked,

I know you have pain(on the pain scale 1-10, what is your range?), is the pain from the biopsy/surgery or is it the crummy cancer bugs? Does it make your whole body hurt all the time or is it only in the spot in your chest where those mean bugs are?

There is actually no pain involved when you are receiving chemo. It is just liquid going into my body and you cannot feel the chemo once it is inside the body. The pain comes as side effects of the chemo such as jaw pain, lack of energy, body aches. So it is not to painful at all. I would rate it as a 1 or 2 on the pain scale. Of course I have my bad days in which I take a hot bath and let me body relax, but it never gets unbearable.

Mary asked,

What is Sean's situation and does he have cancer in the lungs as well?

Just in case you are new to my blog Sean is a 20 year old kid I have met at Children's Hospital where I am being treated. It was good to meet him because most of the other patients are all younger than about 14 years old. Sean has cancer in his blood and this is his second go around against cancer like me. He is receiving entirely different treatment and different chemos. His chemo is part arsenic (ingredient of rat poison) so he has to be monitored even closer than I do because of the effects his can have on his body. And his treatment plan is a lot longer than mine will be. That is currently all I really know about Sean's situation.

Michelle asked,

The nausea medication, are they giving you a different or new drug to help with that this time?

I am taking the exact same nausea medication as I did last time. My theory is if it ain't broke don't fix it. So it worked last time and it is doing a great job this go around so I have no desire to try new one.

I believe those are all the questions I have received so far. If you sent me one and I didn't answer it or you have a new question email me at

And I would like to thank my FHE brothers and sisters for their package of letters it was a great surprise and I enjoyed reading them. It brightened my day. THANK YOU!

Well I will write again when I go in for another push of chemo on Monday.

Thanks again for everyones support and prayers.

Shot total: 6

pill total: 26


Katie said...

Hey. My name is Katie. I work with your sister Melissa. I had a question about the answer to one of your questions. You said that they will continue with chemo if it seems to work and if not they'll remove part or all of the cancer. Why wouldn't they just do the surgery then? I mean if it would get rid of some or all then wouldn't that be the best? Thank you!

Crystal Foy said...

Dave you're amazing :) Love, Crystal

Lockeblog said...

I fall off the face of the earth every weekend for one reason or another and every time I come back (your blog is permanently tabbed in my FireFox at work) I'm afraid I missed something. Your optimism is always a big boost to my day. Suggestion: take a diving class from Jeremiah Chai as SOON as you get back. I'll probably still be here. It's awesome! I suck but it's awesome!

Lockeblog said...

Y'know, we all worry when you don't write your blog. I'm letting you know that because you haven't written in a while. We're all hoping to find out what the last push was like. How are you, dude? You making it out alright? Please make sure someone has your password so we don't all worry for weeks before we find out some really tragic news!