Friday, November 21, 2008

Final Day--Round 3

So Today was the final day of round three. I was excited for that along with the fact that I was able to take a shower again. I love showers oh so much and not showering since monday was really wearing on me.

Also I received the result from my scan and the chemo is helping and the cancer in my lungs has shrunk. Surgery is still a possibility but my doctors are going to wait till after we get back from Oregon to talk more on that subject.

I would like to thank all my readers for their thoughts and prayers of support.

I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and will not put up another post until Dec 3rd.

Love you all

Have fun and enjoy the Holiday away from school work and enjoy just the play

Shots: 27

pills: 87


Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. I maybe anonymous, but I still keep track of your progress and hope the best for you.

cheryl said...

i am so happy to hear the test results were looking good. we continue to keep you in our prayers. you are such an inspiration! keep fighting.

Lockeblog said...

I just barely saw Get Smart! It's hillarious. I thoroughly enjoyed it anyway. I'm finally getting back into watching movies and stuff. I'm sorry to say that the first and only real current pop culture movie I've seen (that was actually GOOD like REALLY GOOD) was Batman. I saw it in theaters the day it came out... not a good first theater movie... gotta say...