Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chemo and Doctors Visit!

Well yesterday I went to the hospital after 10 day vacation to Oregon. I received a push of chemo and had a appointment with my doctor.

We discussed the whole surgery situation. She told me that she had talked to Dr. Hilfiker ( my surgeon) and they came to the conclusion that surgery to remove the mass from my lower left lung would not be a good idea because it is to close to my diaphram (sp?) So my doctor said that I will not be having surgery on my lungs. We concluded that we would continue with the next round of 5 day chemo starting on Monday. Then on Tuesday I will meet with the radiation doctor and start radiation and that the radiation doctor (Dr Murphy) has had a lot of success with using radiation to treat patients very similar to my case. So we are very optimistic. so I Tuesday I will have a better idea of when we will start radiation.

So that was another day in the books and one more treatment of chemo behind me.

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