Saturday, December 13, 2008

Round 4-Final Day

So the final day of round 4 where to begin....

So we left my house at 6:45 to get to the hospital early so that we could get this final day of round four behind us and so that I could get home and get in the shower which is something that I look forward to all week long.

So as we are driving to the hospital after drinking all my fluids I have to go pee way bad..and I mean WAY bad. This is the worse I have had to go pee during all my treatment it comes to the point when I truly feel as if I am going to pee my pants and we are still on the freeway a good 10 minutes from the hospital. So as my bladder is filling up I am repeating in my mind I am a grown man..and grown men do not pee their pants...I also start to breathe as if I was trying to get myself through contractions building up to having my first child. So we get off the freeway and we stop at the 7 Eleven on the corner just three blocks from the hospital and I run in to use the restroom but they do not have public restrooms. AHHHH...So in desperation I run behind the store and just let it go. So there went my clear pee and my ticket to passing the required urine test to get my chemo done in record time...

So we get to the hospital at 7:45 and I am the first one there all the beds are empty and I am hooked up to my fluids in record time. Things were going so good that my chemo arrived even before I took my pee test so all we were waiting for was a passing pee test and then they were lock and load them and chemo to start before 9 o'clock which I believe would be a record.

So after sometime on fluid I have more pee and it passes so I am starting chemo before 9. This is going to be such a great day. No better day to set record then on shower day.

So the time passes and the hour and a half infusion of my chemo is up. Then my doctor comes in to see how I am doing. She asks to look at the palms of my hands. They are pale white compared to hers. She then orders a CBC (complete blood count) to se how my blood counts are. Ok no big deal I have these all the time.

So the results come back and my hemoglobin is a 6.8. And the proceed to tell me that once the count hits 7 you are in need of a blood transfusion. Which I required two pints, meaning that for a two pints of blood transfusion takes about 3-4 hours. So much for record time and showering by noon.

So They hook me up to the blood and it is about 12:30 so that means that at best we will be leaving at 4:30. So my mom and I unpack our computers and get ready for a very long day at the hospital. but it wasnt all that bad...about half way through the transfusion the nurses and I had a very mini dance party and we started make jokes and just enjoying the time since there is no use just being annoyed and grumpy.

So finally the transfusion is done and my mom is out the door and into the car at about 5:00 or so. we are home free home by six. At least I still had my shower to look forward to. So we drive out of the parking lot and get on the freeway and about one-third of the way home GRID LOCK IN THE CAR POOL LANE. It is rush our and everyone is on their way home from work. HOORAY!

So by the time we get home it is 6:45. weird that was the same time we left this morning. 12 hours. So lets just say my mother and I had a lot more bonding time then we were planning on and we were just excited to be home and I was overdue for my warm shower.

But other than that we had a great day.

Shots: 30

pills: 108


Gin said...

What causes your hemoglobin (I can't spell) count to be low? I'm glad things seem to be going alright even though it sounds like this was the day from hell. I love hearing about what you talk about with the nurses btw, i find it very interesting

Craig said...

Yikes...that was a long day.

I admire your attitude and humor, David, and I check your blog daily.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lockeblog said...

DANCE PARTY AT THE HOSPITAL! I went the other day to omelet night at the local hospital. That was about as much fun as I've ever had at a hospital. They were HUGE but I don't think I danced. YAY HOSPITAL DANCE PARTY! Sounds like a pretty good day altogether.

Michelle said...

No better way to bond with your mother than trying to not wet yourself in front of!

Gin said...

p.s. did i see you in provo today?
(wednesday 12/17/08)

Kristin B said...

i am so proud of you, david. i love reading this blog because it keeps me updated on whats going on with you. i hope things start getting better and that i can see you soon. i will be back in v-town for christmas. let me know if you have time to catch up.

Courtney said...

David I miss you. I wish you were going to be at the news desk with me. You're my inspiration. haha. You are quite impressive, for real, David Chalk,