Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just a lil' bit of Chemo

So today was another trip to the hospital and it was just for another"push" of chemo. My blood counts came back and they were borderline needing blood transfusion again but I did a few jumping jacks to show that I had enough energy and so that convinced the nurses that I did not need blood.

I have been getting a lot of christmas cards in the mail lately and today I got an awesome package from Ash to the Mick. She gave me a tie and a ring. I thought that would share what is written on the ring.

It says "What cancer cannot do"
it cannot steal eternal life
conquer the spirit
suppress memories
Kill friendship
cripple love
corrode faith
shatter hope
destroy peace
silence courage
and invade the soul

It is amazing when you keep the eternal perspective.

Thanks Ash

Shot: 37

Pills: 120

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Sean said...

Hey Dave,
This is Sean, good to see your hanging in there and hope you had a great time on your trip! Enjoy your holidays, and that poem is awesome.