Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Round 4-Day 2

So today it started out that I had a 10:30 appointment with Dr. Murphy who is the Radiation Oncologist and he said that I would be starting my radiation treatment sometime in the near future. They had me have another CT Scan and then made 7 sharpie marks on me and covered the marks with a solvent and then covered with clear tape. This is to set up the site where the radiation will be targeted as I go through radiation treatment. 

So after that appointment My mother and I headed to Childrens for day 2 of Round 4. So when we started the day we knew we were in for a long day.

So we arrived to Childrens at about 1230. And since I had the radiation appointment before I was not able to hydrate my self so my first cup of pee was declined and I needed to have an hour of pre-hydration and then tested my pee again and I passed the second time. So during this the whole time the whole hospital was quite busy so I knew he were in for a long haul.

So at about 3 o'clock my chemo was ready and we started the hour and a half infusion. We during so I took a nap because of the long day of just sitting. 

So from tomorrow on the appointments are early which will allow for quicker days. 

Pill Total: 100

Shot Total: 30

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