Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Round 5-Day 2

I am now back into the swing of things. 

Getting up at 6 am to start drinking ridiculous amounts of liquid. Today I had drank so much that about one-third of the way down to the hospital and stuck in traffic my bladder started to tell me, "I AM FULL.....MUST GO PEE" so I start to do a little deep breathing and trying to divert my attention to anything else the fact that I need to pee. So after about 5 minutes and still the traffic was not to much better, I check the back seats to see if there are any empty bottles. I found to small water bottles and told my mother that I could no longer wait and I did not want to ruin her car. 

So I climbed into the back seat covered with a blanket and proceeded to release my bladder from the large amount of urine. This proved to be a lot harder that I had thought but I managed to fill the bottle and no spill it all over the place. 

So then we arrive to the hospital and I of course run right in and go to the cupboard and grab a pee cup take care of business and then go back to the place to check in to grab all the needed paper work.

Anyways the day went very smoothly and I had my own little dance party as I was waiting for my chemo to arrived. I used the plug part that goes into to the wall from my IV pole as a microphone and sang my little heart out. My nurse Brooke then shared some music that she has been listening to lately and I now have one of the songs as a ring tone.

So that was day 2 of round 5 at the hospital.

Shots: 44

Pills: 137

Pints: 4

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Aimee said...

first of all I find it kind of ironic that the "word verification" I have to type in is "les pe." Dave... I thought that kind of stuff only happened in the movies! Apparently not. You are one funny man. I love the post about you using your IV stand as a microphone. For some reason that's not really hard for me to imagine! We are still missing you.