Monday, January 25, 2010

Chemo and Such

So today I went down to Children's hospital to receive chemo. this will be my first time getting chemo a chldren's hospital since last June when I moved back to Provo.

So it started with getting my port accessed and also getting an IV in my arm for the CAT scan. the nurse messed up on my left arm and had to try again in my right arm. So after being poked three times I met with the wonderful Dr. Schiff. She said I looked good and was surprised to hear that Dr. Seanz (my surgeon) and I had already planned the surgery for the other side of my chest for a week for this wednesday. (Feb. 3) that will be exactly 4 weeks to the day of my first surgery.

She said I looked awesome and that I am the best patient any doctor could ask for.

Anyways after the doctors check I went and got a CAT Scan and once again felt like I was going to pee my pants due to the weird feeling from the contrast they inject in you during the CAT scan.

After the scan I got my chemo which took about 2 hours and then I got a ultrasound just to look at my lung and diaphragm to see how they are doing after the surgery.

So I will have a lung capacity test tomorrow and blood work next tuesday and then surgery again a week from wednesday.

So that is all for now. I will post tomorrow after my lung test.

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Kels H. said...

Keep fighting, amigo. Lots of prayers are with you.