Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back at It

So I am back at the hospital two weeks after my second surgery. I am getting Chemo once again and will probably do chemo for six months or so just to make sure everything is wiped out. Better safe than sorry.

So not much going on besides that. I am going to be heading back to school on April 13th and should graduate April 2011 provided there is no surprises.

Thanks again for everyone's support whether it be prayers, fasting, or just a thought it all helps.


Marc and Ashley said...

YAY for Dave! We are happy you will be back here soon. That means good times for us, and more reasons to eat frooties.

Greg said...

I wish I could come and give you my best wishes and support in person!

Reguardless. Best Wishes. Think about you a lot!

Lockeblog said...

Man... you are my hero. I'll need to take you up on that lunch thing as soon as you get here! REALLY! congratulations.