Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Weekend of feeling good

So this weekend is my last hurray, before I start chemo again on Monday. I hope to go out with a bang. Maybe some dancing, good food, friends, pillow talk, and some good movies.

Well if you read this during this weekend...hit me up, because I want to party with you.

Also, Liz Redd I will have a new theme song for starting chemo again. I will reveal it once I start on Monday!

I am also taking suggestions if anyone has a song they feel appropriate.


Caroline said...

Hmmm.... a song for starting chemo again. "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats. You are way too young to remember it
However I can't think of any chemotherapy song, but I am thinking about Chinese water torture. I am always happy to hear people read my blog.

No I haven't seen 50/50 yet. But I do plan on it. Maybe I'll get to the movies this weekend. I did watch "Five" on LMN. Yes kind of a chick flick but worth watching. It is about breast cancer but its also about coping with a diagnosis and treatment and shows how times have changed.

But I do think of you when I watch Chopped.

liz said...

Dave Chalk, thank you for:
1. Answering my question
2. Using my full name (whether it was for practical reasons or not, I still loved it)
3. Being Dave Chalk

Good luck today! I partied for you long distance in Boston over your last weekend. Helpful, I know.