Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still Fighting It

I had my doctors appointment after taking my Temodar (Chemo) for a week. My blood counts were great. However, with this chemo the blood counts often have a delay before they we shall see what happens.

Also, I am now taking a drug called Rapamycin or Sirolimus to fight the cancerous party going on in my insides.

This drug is not "chemo" it is usually taken by patients who have received a organ transplant.

You can click here. If you would like to read the wikipedia page about the awesome drug.

So we shall see how it works in terms of fighting It.

As for the rest of life, school is going well and I only have three papers and one test before I can celebrate the day called christmas.

This does not sound like a lot, but one of the papers is 20-25 pages and the test is on it should be a fun few weeks.

Until the next update.....Keep fighting it.....Whatever it may be!

In my next post I will unveil my new theme song!


Kristin said...

Dave, you are truly an inspiration! your strength amazing me! and 20-25 pages!? is the teacher even going to read that ... along with 45 other papers? really? i wonder if you can just ramble on about something else and if the teacher would even notice. haha~!

liz said...

The suspense!! I have been feeling it for so long and now you leave me with a cliff hanger...

Also, you looked so so fantastic in your Halloween costume. So fantastic.

And good luck with finishing the semester!!

Caroline said...

Just remember to use all your fingers and toes when taking your statistics test! Good luck!

Kprettywoman said...

You and Kelsey are so intense! Props to you. Apologia definitely sounds a lot better than what I'm doing haha. I'm gonna go read wikipedia now and see what that new drug is all about. You're amazing! I can't believe you willingly came onto campus at 6:30 the other day! WOW!