Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bald is Powerful

Wall Street Journal ran a story about the awesomeness of being bald!

Here is the story...

Bald is Powerful

Also I attended the Riggs/ Cardenas Wedding in Twin Falls/Eagle, Idaho.

Here is an awesome picture from that:

Groomsmen Photo


T.J. Maxx is making Pomegranate/ White Cheddar Chips....I am unsure on how I feel about the flavor. I am currently at the point where you keep eating it to determine if you really like it or not and then before you know it you have eaten the entire bag.

If you have tried these chips let me know your thoughts....Thanks!


Liz said...

I think finding out how one feels about the flavor is a sidewalk that never ends.............(infinity sign)

Brandon Riggs said...

wheres this awesome groomsman pic!?