Sunday, April 14, 2013

I will finally shed that 16.4 grams I have been trying to lose (average weight for a thyroid gland)

It has been a long long time since I have updated everyone on my battle with cancer (November 16th to be exact). A lot has happened since that beautiful fall day. I have had ups and downs. In fact, the drug I started taking last October has been working! When I went for my routine 3-month scans over Christmas break I had a CAT Scan. The cancer in my chest/diaphragm had decreased in size (not a lot, but just like technology smaller is better).

However, during the CAT Scan of my chest the radiologist accidentally included my throat in the field being scanned. This in itself is no big deal (I mean come on I have been radiated more than the Hulk: see below), however after analysis a nodule on my thyroid was discovered. My doctor suspected that it was just a growth due to my thyroid overworking (once I began my new drug in August I became very lethargic and exhausted. It was discovered that my thyroid levels were out of whack). This made perfect sense.

Nevertheless with my cancer history the most amazing BEST doctor (Dr. Schiff) wanted to have a biopsy done on the growth. After a carousel of new ENT doctors and multiple biopsies and test (I was stabbed in the neck 6 times with rather large needles and to get material from the growth they jab the needle back and forth…it is one of my favorite feeling in the world…it brings me as much happiness as seeing my mother doing her world famous flat foot dance), the results came back and the genetic make-up of the nodule is 77% suspicious (of cancer). What does this mean? (Hint to keep reading).

This means that I will be having surgery lucky #13

(For some reason right after I wrote this line images of the movie Watcher in the Woods popped into my head….NERAK!!!! YouTube it if you haven’t seen it. It caused 5-7 year old Dave to have many nightmares).

My thyroid is to be removed. The surgery is scheduled for this Tuesday the 16th of April. They will be removing my entire thyroid and I will be on thyroid medication for the duration of my life. I have had many surgeries of different magnitudes and evasiveness, so I am not nervous to go under the knife once again. In fact I oddly enjoy the anesthesia, I try to fight it see how long I can last until my next memory is walking up in the recovery room.

The main difference with this surgery is that it will be my first surgery in Utah. I will see if their anesthesia is weaker than California’s (hopefully it is not regulated like the alcohol content of beer in Utah….this would make the surgery not as HIGH a memory...sorry for the horrible pun...but not really).

I am writing this to update everyone on my cancerous journey and I will update after the surgery (once I am no longer high from morphine).

Lastly, I wanted to share the theme song for surgery #13! So listen to it for me on Tuesday as you give positive thoughts/vibes/prayers my way!

Thyroid Removal Theme Song   (Please listen) It is by the band A GREAT BIG WORLD! (They also write my theme song for life)


Brandon said...

You'll be okay man, and Jenn and I will come hang out to make sure you're all better!

Peter and Betty Ann said...

Number 13 is my son in law's favorite number. He wears it on his jersey and he married my daughter on Friday the 13th!
I'll remember you and the docs in my prayers. My boys have had surgery in Utah and I remember they knocked Daniel out for so long they had to keep the surgery outpatient center open after hours while they waited for him to wake up.
Hang in there! My love to your Mom (I don't see her anymore since your Dad is in the YSA ward)

Caroline said...

Welcome to the thyroid free world! I have personally been without one since August 1981 and life does go on. The one question to ask the doctors is how long until you can drive after surgery as they don't tell you that part until after. Go check out for information on thyroid cancer and tips for dealing with the thyroid free life. Or ping me and I can fill you in. Good luck with your surgery.

Eliza said...

Thanks for the update Dave :) you probably remember Bethany had her thyroid removed too? Also, 13 is Bryce's lucky number. I really enjoy reading about your cancer journey Dave. You make me laugh and I am amazed at your attitude toward so much that you have been through. I really admire how much you are able to accomplish while dealing with so many doctors, appointments, and procedures, etc on the side. Have fun with the morphine!!