Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kentucky Derby and Cancer

I spent the weekend in San Diego to have my routine 3 month scans.

I had the normal CAT Scan and no matter how many times I have it the contrast always makes me feel like I peed my pants (your entire body gets a temporary warm sensation and it feel like you cannot control your bladder).

I then meet with the one and only AMAZING Dr. Schiff. The scans came back that everything had grown, but not a lot. It had grown millimeters. It is nothing to alarming and I will continue on the medical regime that I am on until I get back from Fiji and Tonga and have scans again in August.

In regards to my thyroid. My incision in healing great and everything is well. I am now taking 150 mcg pill every morning and everything seems as good as gold.

This will probably be the last update until I get back from Tonga and Fiji in August.

Love you all and thank you for the support!


Caroline said...

Have a wonderful trip! I hate the contrast with CT scans... That's a side effect they should fix.

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