Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Round 6- Days 1 and 2

So yesterday we began round 6. It was a rather long day at the hospital. We arrived and 8 and didn't leave until about 3. So it was a lot longer than we had planned but everything went well. My blood and urine levels were good enough to start the round.

so today being day 2 thinks flow a lot better than they do on Mondays. Because we do no meet with a doctor any other day than the first day of the round. So that cuts out about and hour to hour and a half. So once again we arrived to the hospital at 8 and we left and started for home around 11:45. So day 2 have been very quicker.

So things and going good. But since I am accessed there will be no shower for me today. I look forward to tomorrow when I will be de-accessed. I love my showers

I would just like to thank Dalene for the comment.

My cousin Greg asked me why I still go to children's hospital with the fact that I am 22. The reason is that the type of cancer I have is a child cancer so children's hospital is better equipped to treat my cancer.

So the two surgeons and still working on my case and determine what kind of surgery would be best if any is necessary. But regardless of whether or not I have surgery I will complete all 12 rounds of chemo.

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