Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ode to Sandra!

Sandra has been my nurse the past two days and she has been awesome. She is super saweet and I can tell that she really cares!

Day 1 of round seven went by very well and without anything bad happening. We saw my doctor again on Monday and she had talked with a surgeon who specializes in the very surgery that I will need. My doctor told me that he will be more than happy to perform surgery on me and that they will perform the surgery and open me like a clam. In which they will feel around in my lungs and find the tumors and cut them out and then remove my left diaphragm which has the big conglomerate of tumors on it and replace it with a fake diaphragm.

So we will meet with the surgery on March 31st and will then take to him and figure out all the details and find out for sure whether the surgery will for sure take place. So that will be good news. It will always a better prognosis if surgery can be performed to remove the tumors.

So here I am Day 2 writing to you before I have even gotten my chemo and I am sure today will go by fast.

Once again if you have any questions you can comment on this blog or email me at cansirboi1986@gmail.com

and last of all I would like to wish my MOTHER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! LOVE YA!!!

Shots: 75

Pills: 197

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