Monday, March 23, 2009

A little VCR!

So once again I went to the hospital and received a shot of chemo, which is abbreviated VCR, so that is that.

Also played a game called blink! and lost once again what a surprise.

A weekend for tomorrow which will be the 31st of March I am to meet with the surgeon who will be preforming my surgery so that will be my next post.

Hope everyone is enjoying the ride of life!

shots: 77

Pills: 211


Anonymous said...

Nice blog.

Good luck with your appointment on Mar. 31st! I'll be sure to check back to hear how it went.

NCAA preempted Judge Judy! What's that about? I'm not sure that's legal.

Oh well.

Courtney said...

Mr. David Chalk,

I miss you and our days from 211 together. I had to put the cabosh on my story about you... My editor said it was too similar to another story. Oh, you know my editor! Michael Edwards! Anyway, that's all for now.