Monday, May 30, 2011

Chemo: Day After

I have survived another round of Chemo! This 2nd round of Irinotecan was not near as bad as the first one. I had Chemo on Thursday morning and for this round my sister Melissa accompanied me. I am not sure she had as much fun as I did dancing in my chair listen to my Chemo Party Mix of songs.

After going home and sleeping for 3 hours I woke up and took a long hot shower. (This process makes me feel extremely better and makes me feel somewhat normal after the chemo side effects.)

After the shower I was sitting at home finishing up season 2 of the office. (I know I am a little behind this is my first go around for watching the office.) I received a text from a buddy on my softball team saying that they needed one more for the game tonight so that we could field a full team. My head said that I should not go play and stay at home relaxing, however my fingertips texted back, Count me in!

I arrived at the ball field approx. 4 hours after finishing chemo. Throughout the game I was extremely tired and I played first base for the most part. (This position requires the least amount of effort.) I ended up going 2-3 with two singles. I then swapped for a pinch runner to run the rest of the bases for me.

Overall, it was a fun game but we ended up losing unable to complete a comeback in the bottom of the last inning.

I was really tired and went home took a shower and collapsed in my bed.

For you amusement I have included a few of my favorite definitions for cancer from the wonderful website Urban Dictionary.

Cancer is a disease lacking a sense of humor.

Cancer is what things like smoking, exposure to radiation, genetically enhanced food, and furbies cause.

Cancer is one disease to rule them all. Anything and everything causes cancer nowadays, which is somewhat depressing. There is no true cure for any form of cancer, but there just might be if the human race would stop warring with itself and concentrate on destroying diseases instead.

Cancer is the only superpower that humans can possess.

My favorite:

The cure for cancer is simple. Just crack open the pit of an apricot, plumb, or any kind of fruit like that, and eat the seeds. Do this everyday to prevent cancer. If you already have cancer, you should eat around 8 apricot seeds everyday to cure it. People have been doing this for years to cure cancer. The reason a lot of people don't hear about this, is because if you did, you wouldn't have to buy medicine, and therefore, the drug companies would go bankrupt.

Needle Pokes: 9

Pills: 35

People to visit me and cheer me up since last round: Leah and Saweet Jess, and Chris and Dre Carrier. They brought wonderful gifts and goodies and allowed me to have social interaction! Thanks you four. Your visits mean a lot!


MVP said...

So glad to hear that this round wasn't as bad. You're in my thoughts and prayers always. If I could come visit you during a treatment I would but I'm in Washington. Poo poo. Nice work on playing 1st base, that was my position too. Bravo! Much love, friend!

Anonymous said...

Dave---I just finished the office season two literally 2 hours ago!!!! Are you there yet? We totally need to chat about it! My toes are curling; thats how serious I am about it phone conversation!

Steph O. H.

Caroline said...

Glad it went well and that you did go play baseball - a chance to be a human being as opposed to a cancer person. Now I will go buy apricots and eat the pits to impoverish the pharma companies,

Patty Boles said...

I cant believe you played baseball after chemo. You are superhuman. Not lay down and take a rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm anxious to read your next update, Dave!