Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Malignant Update

I finally met with my Utah doctor after all the mumbo jumbo that took place during my visit home.

The consensus is that I will switch chemo treatments to a different regime. (Once I get all the details I will post them like I did the last ones.)

I will resume treatment again next Thursday, May 19th. Don't worry I will continue my superstitions.

I also got good news from my graduate program that I will be attending in the fall. I got an email today that stated I received a full-tuition scholarship. I have not been this excited since I went to surf camp with Kevin Costner's daughter Lily. (Should have been more on my game then.)

That is the update for now. Sorry there is not more. I will continue to keep posting. Let me know if anyone has questions. I love to answer them.

Needle Pokes: 7

Pills: 20

Time took to watch season one of 30 Rock: Less than 48 hours.


Brandon said...

definitely shoulda been more on your game...coulda been the son-in-law of 'the mariner' from waterworld

Danna said...

What graduate program? :)

chesam said...

Congrats on getting the scholarship! We always knew you were a Rock Star. We continue to keep you in our prayers & send our love. Sam, Cheryl & the boys

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Dave.
and good show on the pneumonia, too. That had to be such a relief, as odd as that sounds, eh?
Keep up the excellent blogging.