Sunday, July 17, 2011

Declassified Files: Operation Superhero

I have once again finished a session of radiation. This treatment plan was only 2 and half weeks. Although receiving radiation is much easier and does not leave you with horrible side effects like the IV chemotherapies do.

Each time I went in for treatment as you saw from the previous pictures I would lay on the flat, hard metal bench thing and be surrounded by machines shooting lasers into my body. I was hoping for something to go wrong and get some sort of super power. ( I was hoping to be either Quail Man, Daredevil, or would have even settled for Undercover Boss.)

Anywho, when you finish treatment all the nurses and technicians come out and congratulate you and you ring the bell of completion.

Here is my Miss Universe pose pre-bell ringing

Ringing the Bell really loud for all to hear....

The great Radiation Staff and me. I am holding a paper the certifies my completing my treatment. Don't worry it will be matted and framed and be hung right next to my Bachelor Degree of all to see. (Actually I think it has accidentally already made its way into the rubbish bin.)

Another chapter of treatment is done and closed.

The next step is heading back to Utah to get back into the groove of "normal" life... Whatever that means.

So all my Utah Peeps get ready to PARTAY!!!!!!! (By party I mean please come visit me while I am at work.)


amy said...

Dave...I think you do have superpowers. No one knows this but Sean was "TorsoMan"!! Best of luck as you transition back to Utah life. How about "HilariousMan" or AmazingMan" or just "MagicMan" for your moniker?xo amy

Brandon said...

we are gonna tear the mps doooooown