Monday, July 11, 2011

Photo-journal post of the pericardiocentesis

Arriving to Clinic and the wonder Nurse Sandra putting in an IV for me!

Wearing my three google shrirt! Thanks Ash!

Wearing the oxygen mask that was made for a 10-year-old. Also you can tell the many pain meds are setting in and I am going loopy.

The mask made my nose itch like crazy!!!!

Getting my EKG on the heart to verify that liquid is all up in my heart's business

Me looking very drugged out and although it may not look like I am still happy and enjoying my mother just liked taking pictures when I was not noticing. Love her!

Headed to surgery to insert a catheter to remove the 10 liquid ounces of fluid giving me immense chest pains

Close up of catheter that shot to my heart. It was a nice one. We hung out for a few days.

The Catheter was hooked up to a bad that would collect my heart chest juices. Me finally being able to rest after the crazy day and fighting of pain med coma to get everything ready pre-surgery.

At this point I was Good Night Moon!

I had a video taken of the catheter moving in and out as my heart beat, but I am having troubles.

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully the video will guest appear of the next post.


liz said...

heart chest juices...nice phrasing.
i really enjoyed these photos. not necessarily that the whole thing happened, but that there are pictures. thank you to your mom for keeping it real for us. and capturing you at your best moments.

Jessica Lynn said...

I hope that stupid liquid stops being all up on your hearts business. such a bummer. ps you look sooo good when you're drugged, congratulations.