Monday, November 29, 2010

Birdland Jazz Club

On Friday night we met up with Xhuli and she graciously volunteered to take my stuff with her to her house so that I did not have to travel to her house in Queens just to drop my stuff off.

Travis and I then headed to Birdland Jazz Club

It was a very fun night. It was the first jazz club that I had ever been to. i had a great time and the music was great.

The Club had a $20 cover charge and a requirement to purchase at least $10 off of the menu.

I order chicken, potatoes, and collard greens.

Enjoying the music!


Food: 2.5 Bald Heads

Club and Music: 5 Bald Heads


liz said...

I am most jealous of this part of your trip!

Anonymous said...

Adventure ensues!
This trip looks incredibly outstanding.
Love that you are experiencing this crazy, wonderful world!
I'm getting antsy...