Saturday, November 27, 2010

New York Style Pizza

The first place I went to was called Angelo's Pizza.

It is literally right next door to the Ed Sullivan Theater where Dave Letterman films his show.

It was a white pizza with ricotta cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and pancetta.

Rating: 3 Bald Heads

The Second Place is at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side.

At this place. You had to stand outside in line for about an hour just to get in and get a seat.

For this pizza I just got the regular toppings of pepperoni and sausage. It was super delicious and the better of the two pizzas.

Rating: 4.7 Bald Heads

I would give it a 5 but since I have only eaten at three pizza places in New York City I figure I need to try more places before I start handing out 5 Bald Heads.

The third place: Hot and Crusty

Hawaiian Pizza

This pizza was my last supper in NYC. It was a decent piece of pizza, but nothing to go out of my way to try again.

Rating: 2 Bald Heads

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