Thursday, November 25, 2010

Philapdelphia Cheese Steaks!

This is my first food blog post. I will be rating the places I eat at out of 5 bald heads instead of stars.

So here we go...

So while I was in Philadelphia I wanted to try an authentic cheese steak. So I went to three different places to get a variety and variation of the cheese steak sandwich.

The First Cheese Steak @ Sonny's Famous Steaks:

Rating: 2.5 Bald Heads

The Second @ Steaks on South:

Rating: 4 Bald Heads

This was the best because it had the proper ratio of meat to cheese to bread. The bread was fresh, not dry and tasted homemade. The best part of this sandwich was the meat. The meat was very well seasoned and on the peppery side.

The Third @ Gooey Looie's :

Rating: 3 Bald Heads

Although this picture looks unappetizing it was good. The downfall of this sandwich was that it was 80 percent meat, 15 percent bread, and only 5 percent cheese. It was more of a Philly Steak Sandwich.

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