Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Game, Set, MATCH!

So this past weekend I once again flew home to beautiful San Diego to have another go around with cat scans and doctor's checks.

First, let me flashback in time. Last go around in my cat scan there was an unidentifiable piece of something in between the two lobes of my left lungs. So instead of waiting the prescribed three months for the next go around with scans I was to have them again six weeks later.

So back to this past weekend. I was slightly nervous because if the object had grown bigger and was once again cancer I would not have had the best Halloween. Also it would have been the third month of October in which I was told I had cancer. The first two being Oct. 2002 and 2008.

So after going in for scans everything was CLEAR! So I will be having scans once again on December 20th and having my wonderful trusty port-a-cath removed. The port and I have been through two years of chemo, a month of radiation, and two lung surgeries. We truly have bonded and it will be a bitter saweet moment. It will be like leaving your longtime childhood friend to move in with Bill Gates.

Anywho, just thought I would update everyone. Also I will be keeping this blog going but will be shifting it from Chalk's Cancer Chronicles to Chalk's Culinary Chronicles. Because besides fighting cancer my second favorite hobby it eating good food.

Thank you to everyone who offered a prayer in my behalf, fasted in my behalf, used humor in my behalf, or just was there along the way with a smile and fist bump.

Many Many Thanks

I will be going to NYC to celebrate my new found freedom from the doctor's office. If you have a restaurant I should take a look at let me know.


Greg said...

Hip Hip, Hurray!!!

Congrats man! Great to hear things are clear!

Krystle Davidson said...

Dave I am so excited and happy for you!!! You are such a strong, admirable person! Thank you for the great example and friend you have been to me. I am excited for the next chapter of your life "Chalk's Culinary Chronicles" you sure do know what good food is. I look forward to your upcoming posts to hear more good news and delicious places to eat. Keep living your dreams and have fun in New York you deserve it!!!
P.S. You are right San Diego is gorgeous and to think that is your home...I still can't believe it! :)

Kels H. said...

Dave, that is such great news! I don't know if I've ever been so excited to see a blog change genres, & I think you're making an ideal switch. :) I've greatly enjoyed writing recipes rather than talking about chemo; I'm excited to hear about your culinary adventures!

Thanks for sharing all of your ups & downs. Your positive attitude bolsters my spirits. Way to stay strong & totally rock the Mr. Clean look.

Katherine said...

Great news, Dave! And excited to hear about the food! Please post recipes and pictures too!

Betty Ann said...

Great news! I think of you whenever I see your family sitting in church. I am so happy for you and your family.

Emily said...

blog stalking you again. But you said to on facebook so it's okay. You need to go to Patsy's in NY. It's the best. I am so jealous you are going there...have fun!

Courtney said...

That is AWESOME! Ok, I vote you go to Grey Dog for brunch or lunch. It's amazing. Also, Shake Shack for a bomb hamburger and either Lombardi's or Grimaldi's for pizza. MUST.