Monday, February 27, 2012

Cooking Weekend

This past weekend was my return to the kitchen weekend..This renewed desire to cook was motivated by Lent. I gave up eating at restaurants. I know that I am the guy who travels for food, I love trying new restaurants, but I decided to give up restaurants and soda for Lent.

Anywho, here is what I cooked this past weekend.

These are chicken enchiladas with homemade tomatillo and serrano pepper sauce and layered with chicken and queso fresco. They were topped with avocado, tomatoes, and sour cream. 

 This is Sweet and Sour Tofu over rice. Yes, I did make the sweet and sour sauce from scratch.
I made these for my vegetarian friend Jen.

These are mexican truck taco...Everything is homemade the salsa, sauce, even the corn tortillas.

Here is the process of making the tacos


Chelsie said...

Well, if you're gonna give up restaurants it's a good thing you can cook!

Jen Taylor said...

The fact that I got a shout out on this hurr blog warms my very heart. Plus the food was effing amazing --that helps too.

Kaitlin Prettyman said...

Dave! I need you to come over cook dinner for us sometime! Amazingness!