Friday, May 4, 2012

Breakfast in Scottsdale, AZ

After flying from D.C. to Salt Lake City to go to a dr. appointment (which I slept through)...I got into a car and drove through the night to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend my good friend, Emily Baird (now Schramm's) wedding. I was specifically asked to attend so that I can "light up the dance floor" (all the mirror dancing has begun to pay off as I grow older.

So to the start the day off right I needed to have a good breakfast.... So, I went to Butters breakfast cafe.

I got the eggs benedict...which is one of my favorite breakfast dishes.

Rating: I give this dish 2 out of 5 bald heads.

The reason for the low rating was because they used a sauce known as Sauce Moutarde or Sauce Girondine. This is traditional hollandaise sauce with dijon mustard added to it. The fact that mustard was added was not the problem, because I enjoy myself some mustard now and again. However, their version of the sauce was a little Hollandaise sauce with A LOT of mustard. Also, the english muffin was soft and soggy.

But, I had a bite of the dishes others with me got and they were all very good. The pancakes were very good, and their syrup was of course on the Buttery side. (hence the name)

Overall Rating: 3.5 ouf of 5 Bald Heads.

I am always taking recommendations of where to eat. Feel free to email or leave suggestions in the comments below. I will be going to San Diego, Las Vegas, Fiji, Calgary, Canada, Rhode Island, and Baltimore before the summer is over. I will also be driving from Virginia to Utah going through St. Louis.

Please share your suggestions!


mc lenz said...

Eatery suggestion:
"Roostertail" in San Fran.

This is my brothers new restaurant, and it has gotten good reviews...which is really hard to do in that city!

for more info:

Caroline said...

You are going to Rhode Island? That's not far. I had the best eggs benedict last weekend at a place called 2 Cats in Bar Harbor Maine. Very light hollandaise with salmon instead of canadian bacon, on a delicate homemade biscuit. It was amazing. Food in Rhode Island - anywhere in New England look for the divy clam shacks with the big lines - they have awesome food. RI clam chowder is sort of a hybrid between NY - which is tomato based - and New England which is milk based.