Friday, April 8, 2011

Food Brings People Together

During this current semester I have been enrolled in "Cooking Class" here at BYU. I decided to take this class for two reasons (1) I consider myself a foodie (which means I LOVE everything about food) (2) I needed extra classes to fill my schedule because a student must earn at least 120 credits at BYU to graduate regardless of how long or short their major is. I will be graduating (in two weeks from today) with exactly 120 credits. (I am proud of this because it means that I did waste any time during college. I came, I took classes, and I conquered.)

Throughout the duration of the semester this class has become one of my favorite classes that I have ever taked during my time as a BYU Cougar.

I mean who would not like to have a three hour lab every Thursday morning that ends with the class eating together and talking about food! (I never had to eat breakfast on Thursdays because I knew that I would be getting a pretty good meal for lunch!)

The greater reason I loved this class is because of the professor. Her name is Mrs. Dana Adcock and she has become one of my favorite professors at BYU. During the first week of lab she went around and talked to everyone individually to get to know them. During my "interview" I told her about me being a foodie and that my travels are centered around restaurants and food rather than the landmarks and city. we hit it off from there talking about good restaurants each week.

Yesterday was the final lab day. It was the lab that the whole semester builds up to where your group creates their own menu and meal. (My health has not allow for me to attend classes as much as I would like to.)

However, Professor Adcock and my two cooking partner came and visited me at home and delivered my a plate of food. It was a fabulous! I enjoyed the food, but appreciated the visit more. (When you are going through chemo treatments you never feel that great. This prevent you from leaving your home often because you are weak, tired, or in pain, and therefore, you do not have much human interaction)

After handing me the plate of food my professor handed me a yellow gift sack. (This was greatly unexpected.) I opened it and to my surprise it contained a HOMEMADE apron that THE WONDERFUL Dana Adcock had made herself. I was super surprise and touched by the sincere care and thought that went into it. I almost had a tear come to my eye. (But my manly side fought it back) It is an amazing apron!

Here are some picture of the Apron!

Me modeling the apron

Here is a close up. After she made the apron she had my entire lab section write well wishes on it for me.

This is one of the coolest things I have ever received. However, I am too scared to use it in fear of ruining it.

I just want to publicly thanks the students in my lab section, my cooking partners (Kendall and Megan), and the WONDERFUL SIS. DANA ADCOCK!

You are wonderful and I am glad I got to spend this semester with you. I will never forget it. I hope that our friendship will not end when finals do.


amy said...

Amazing..... And I'm sure well deserved!

Lauren said...

So it's settled. Cooking party next time you're home. Feasts are the greatest.