Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thank You J-Port

A few days ago my good friend Jessica Sullivan came to visit me. We have known each other since our freshman year here at BYU. We both lived in the wonderful Deseret Towers (R.I.P.)

For some reason during that freshman year I gave her the nickname J-Port. Her maiden name is Porter so that is where the nickname came from.

Since then she has graduated and become a second grade teacher.

She had the awesome idea to make me a book to help me get better. It is entitled, "To Help Me Feel Better" by: Mrs. Sullivan's Class. Each student wrote me some advice to get better and drew me a picture.

When she stopped by to drop of the book it came with a basket for of goodies! The basket consisted of candy, an itunes gift card, and a cute stuffed animal. These three things were the consensus of what would make me feel better.

I took a picture of a couple of my favorites:

This one was written and illustrated by Denim. It says: "When I feel sick I like to sing a lot and A LOT. That's what I do to help me feel better. I hope it makes you feel better too."

I included this one because I enjoyed the story that accompanied it. Jessica told me that when he was writing and drawing he was singing "Shot through the heart" by Bon Jovi. This kid sounds pretty legit.

This second picture was done by Jack. It says: "When I feel sick I take a bath then take a nap. That's what helps me feel better."
I included this one because I really like the detail of his drawings. The pink part on the left side of picture is the sink with a toothbrush on in as he is sitting in the bath tub. I also liked how the bath tub was gray and the bed is blue. Gotta love kids!

Thanks J-Port! It was a great surprise that brightened my day! I love all the drawings and wonderful tips on how to get better.


Tianna said...

That is such a sweet and thoughtful are just too dang cute.

MVP said...

Thanks for including a few of the writings/drawings! I love it, so sweet. Hey, David, can we see a picture of your awesome boxer-shorts quilt? I'm so curious! Hope you're doing ok today, friend. God bless.