Monday, April 25, 2011


I apologize for the lack of blogging. I had a rough weekend following my last round of chemo. I had a cough that I could not get control of that would send me into cough attacks that would eventually lead to triggering my gag reflex leading to some throwing up.

I went to the doctor got some legit cough syrup and some antibiotic and I am coming back to the real world.

So that mixed with my family being in town for my graduation from college it has been hard to find time for blogging, but I will be back to blogging every few days to keep everyone up to date on the fight against cancer.

I will be having scans this upcoming Friday to figure out the future of treatment/surgery so there will be a update after that.

Thanks for the well wishes! The most asked question is to post pictures of my boxer blanket. Those will be coming soon.


MVP said...

Ugh, no fun at all. Congratulations on graduating though! :-) You're in my thoughts and prayers, hope the nasty cough goes away soon.

sorlowski said...

i enjoy reading your blog too dave! glad we can read eachother's best friend :)