Monday, April 25, 2011

Tap Class

This past semester I took a tap dance class. It was a great time and I enjoyed learning the steps. I am contemplating continuing tap the upcoming fall semester.

I was the only boy in the class so I kind of stood out. It was a fun semester and the whole class became a family and we enjoyed spending time together twice a week in class.

Once I was re-diagnosed I was no longer able to go to class and after a while my classmates asked my teacher why I was no longer coming. She spilled the beans (those were her words like I was trying to keep it a secret or something.)

For the final day of class we had a little party and I was able to attend. They presented me with this awesome card!

On the cover are pictures of a few legendary tap dancers. (Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, and Savion Glover to name a few)

Inside of the card:

Thank you to the whole tap class! Also thanks to Quintin my tap buddy and maker of the card! It is awesome!